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OKI Data c831TS – Your new transfer printer and more!

OKI Data c831TS
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There is a new OKI Data c831TS Printer on the market, and it is something to talk about. This is the latest in the line of transfer printing devices from OKI Data, who is the only laser (LED) printer manufacture that embraces transfer printing. The laser (LED) printers in the US have never really caught on for transfer printing in the US Market until recently. Before OKI Data invested a significant amount of resources into our market most transfers were created on a inkjet printer, and I was one of those folks who said inkjet is the only way to go. So why the change of tune?

With OKI Data jumping into our transfer market for the first time we have a full system that can produce quality transfers without all of the jamming, cracking and poor quality images that was what the laser transfer market place looked like until recently. Again, OKI Data has made a commitment to provide a complete system like the 920WT and the 711WT and now with the c831TS.

The C831TS is the newest in their line and replaces the Go Uno printer as the CMYK printer of choice. Outside of being the replacement for the Go Uno, though that is where the similarities stop. OKI Data learned a ton from the Go Uno experience and have come out with a home run of a machine with the c831TS. So lets explore why…

First off OKI Data has taken the label back and this is a fully support OKI Data printer and the only CMYK printer in the US Market that is supported by the manufacture to run transfer paper. They were so confident in this machine that they have given it a 2 year on-site (YES ON-SITE) warranty. As long as you are running one of the many certified transfer papers they will support the printer, including the fuser from damage, and again THEY WILL COME ON SITE!!!! No other printers available through OKI Data or others offer this kind of warranty. With that piece of mind alone it is worth the investment, but wait there is more.

Secondly they have made this printer so efficient even when running the transfer paper that the running costs are significantly lower than its predecessor, the Go Uno and even other lower cost laser printers you could try your luck at putting transfer paper into. Let’s take a look:

First off we need to assume that our image area is going to be about 8″ x 10″ in size. Then let’s assume that there is 20% toner density in that image area which is pretty standard for a laser transfer. Regular paper output typically only has 5% toner density, so 20% gives us plenty of margin for error.

  • Toner and consumables cost for each 8 x 10 transfer with an OKI Data 610 printer (only prints 8.5 x 14) – $0.49
  • Toner and consumables cost for each 8 x 10 transfer with a Go UNO (not warrantied by OKI) – $0.39
  • Toner and consumables cost for each 8 x 10 transfer with an OKI Data c831TS (11 x 17 size and 2 year ONSITE Warranty) – $0.26

The 831TS is a 61% decrease in cost over the running cost of the 610 and a 33% decrease in cost over the old GO UNO Product. Doesn’t take many transfers to realize the savings with this new printer and to easily justify the return on investment.

OKI Data C831-TSThird, by making the investment in to this machine, you are not limited to only shirts. This printer allows you to make laser transfers for all sorts of products with no special coating needed on those product. Head down to your local dollar store and start creating. Need a guest book for a wedding? No Problem! How about some small paper bags for a kids birthday party goodie bags? No problem!

Next, OKI Data has really worked hard to show you they are committed to the transfer industry. They have worked very closely with many of the major paper manufactures like Neenah Paper to get the setting dialed in for you. No guessing or trial and error on what settings to use for what paper. There are 5 baked in settings for the 5 major transfer paper types that all you have to do is set it and forget it. Take all the guess work out of transfer printing and just design your image and push print.

Lastly if for some reason you needed more, the printer is still a laser LED printer that is a workhorse. This printer is so fast an efficient that it can also be your regular office printer. Just load normal paper into the bottom tray or even carbon copy style paper for invoices into the printer and after you create that cool shirt or drawstring bag for your customer with the printer, just print that invoice too. At 34 pages per minute you will want to be printing everything you have to print in your office on your new c831TS printer.

So if you tried the Go Uno or are looking to start making money with transfer printing and a low cost of entry machine, the c831TS is the machine you should be talking about.

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September 15, 2015

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