A Quick and EASY Way to Increase Your Sales

This is as quick and easy as you can find, but yet most of us neglect this unknowingly. The crazy part is that it is super easy, and the right thing to do. So here it goes (have I stalled long enough now?) … Build a better relationship with your CURRENT customers.

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Why Your Website is SO Important

We are always connected and most if not all buying decisions originate on the Internet. Whether it is through Facebook, a Google Search or other connected avenue, we get our first impression of most companies online. Therefore a good website is the start of building your credibility with your future potential customer. In fact, I would […]

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September 13, 2017

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5 Keys to Being a Good Business Person

What makes a good business person can mean different things to people, but I have noticed some similar traits all good business people have in common. A business person to me is someone who is focused on their career, they have goals to grow and achieve more in their chosen profession and they lead people in […]

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August 31, 2017

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Lead with Confidence

Lead with Confidence

Leadership is a funny thing and honestly, most “leaders” or managers of people get it completely wrong. We have this vision of a leader in our society of these hard-nosed,hard-charging, yelling and screaming “get it done” type people. These are called the Heroic Leaders and these are the leaders we have learned about since school […]

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